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After the sluggish winter, the editorial staff of Terroirs of France is back full swing with the first notes of spring.

The traditional yearly "Salon de l'Agriculture" (The Agriculture trade show) is now over. We would keep faithfully to our commitment to show the more traditional and cultural aspects of France.

No Champagne for Easter; Or at least not the usual way. We are in the mood to celebrate the new year with another spirit. 

How about a cocktail called the CHAMPS-ELYSEES?

This is just one of the cocktail recipes with Cointreau.  

There are a couple more in our shopping column which is dedicated to Cointreau, the spirit, the history, the distillery and the museum. 

Édouard Cointreau, its inventor was a pioneer in many aspects of marketing and promotion. 

© M. Durman/ Sedecs  Terroirs of France

Another inventor is the theme of our discovery column. An inventor like no one. 

He is an artist, sculptor, an engineer, an architect, a philosopher and a botanist. None other than Leonardo Da Vinci, who contributed a great deal to mankind. 

Discover the Clos-Lucé where he spent the last few years of his life. 

Restaurant © M. Jeaneaud

And if you're still not sure where to go and what to do during the year-end festive period, here's a hotel in Angers, the Hôtel de France.

To find out more about this hotel, consult our accommodation column.

With Terroirs of France, you can also book your hotel online in France and in Europe

© Hôtel de France

And, for 'what to do' and 'where to go', don't forget to check the calendar of events throughout France in our leisure column.. 

We hope you'll enjoy this spring issue and we thank you for the support you showed us throughout the year.


Marla King (Terroirs of France)




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