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Le Clos-Lucé...


© Sedecs/Terroirs-of-France/S. Durman

…Da Vinci spent here the last few years of his life 


Arts and Science don't always go hand in hand, but for one of the Renaissance Masters, they have always co-existed. 

Leonardo Da Vinci was not only one the greatest painters of all times but also one of the greatest minds. 


He was an inventor much ahead of his time, an engineer, an architect, a philosopher and a botanist. He watched the nature, analysed it, and out of the scientific evidences he gathered, tried to create equipment and machinary to facilitate everyday life. 

Although most of his inventions remained on paper, a large number of them could be considered as the prototypes for current modern equipment; his artistic talents made it possible for him to illustrate his concepts and ideas.

The Clos Lucé in the Loire valley was his last home, where he lived between 1514 and 1519. 

He was invited by the King of France, François I who was seduced by Da Vinci's art and mind during his wars in Italy. 

Near the royal castle of Amboise, this medieval manor was built in 1471 and was linked to the castle by an underground passage which the King used when he visited Da Vinci. 

What the Château du Clos Lucé and the Parc Leonardo DA VINCI offer to the visitor is quite unique and special. 

It brings together the life of the master, his works, his wisdom and experiments. 

The visit starts with the artist's home, his bedroom, his kitchen, his study, the Renaissance rooms and the chapel. 

His words of wisdom are found all over the walls especially in the stairway and corridors. 

The bedroom © Corbis Syg

His designs of various machines however are presented on the ground floor, along with the models produced by IBM Materials of the time were used to create these models which are displayed according the following themes: military engineering, town planning, mechanics, flying machines and hydrolics. 

One can not help but be impressed by such creativity and genius. 


The remaining of the visit is in the parc. 

By following the numbered path, the visitor continues to discover the creations of Leonardo in the form of giant machines, and can even try them out. 

In the hall where a film about him is shown , a giant flying machine is hung in the middle of it. 

Moreover giant transparent canvases of his paintings or details of the paintings are scattered around the pleasant parc.

All age groups would enjoy visiting the Clos Lucé. 

© Sedecs/Terroirs-of-France/ M. Durman

Intellectually, visually, emotionally satisfactory visit.


Tomb of Leonardo da Vinci - Chapelle Saint-Hubert (Château Royal d'Amboise)
© Sedecs/Terroirs-of-France/M. Durman


We would like to thank the SAINT-BRIS family and Mrs Catherine SIMON MARION for their hospitality and  the information provided.