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In this collection of "Les Boîtes Gourmandes", Tana editions present gourmet and art de vivre topics, in a new and original format. A cross between a precious treasure box and the practical side of kitchen recipe cards, these interesting boxes contain a booklet and several information cards with beautiful illustrations about each subject. Available in French, these boxes are ideal gifts that would be appreciated by both the connoisseurs and the amateurs.




La Boîte à Cocktails & Potions d'amour

The Love potions & Cocktails  Box

ISBN: 2-84567-105-09

A practical guide with beautiful illustrations about cocktails, to read and to drink.
Cocktail recipes presented like modern time's love potions. The introduction in the booklet talks about the traditions of love potions, in literature, in history, and during the golden age of cocktails, particularly during the prohibition year in the U.S. 
Out of the 40 recipe cards: 
20 are classical or original cocktail recipes (mojito, margarita, bloody mary, etc), with the little story behind (mostly love stories) ;
10 are about traditionally aphrodisiac drinks (Venus water, Cleopatra wine, Casanova punch, etc.) ;

5 are for technical instructions, tricks and hints for barmen to prepare professional cocktails ;
5 give recipes for cocktail snacks and nibbles.
Author: Raphaële Vidaling
Format: 160x215 mm

Price: 24.00 €


Kâma Sûtra
ISBN : 2-84567-079-6

Kama Sutra presented in the form of fact sheets. To be used as a practical book, a quiz and a portrayal of another civilization. With the aid of over sixty superb reproductions of his illustrations, rediscover the enchanting world of love making as described by this great connoisseur of the sublime erotic life. Erotic but aesthetic, daring but not shocking, this book is for seducers, lovers, virtuous spouses, the curious, and of course for people in love.


Format : 160x215 mm


Price: 24.00 €


La Boîte à Épices

The Spice Box

ISBN: 2-84567-034-6

Dill, cinnamon, cardamom or cloves are some of the twenty spices introduced in this elegant box. The general booklet explains the origins of the spices, their medicinal values, the history of the spice trade and the development of spicy cuisine. It also includes tips on how to buy, use and conserve spices. The cards contain 20 recipes by well-known chefs, and additional 20 information cards that describe the specific characteristics and uses of each of the 20 spices presented.
Author: Blandine Vié
Photos by Mathieu Prier
Format: 160x215 mm

Price: 24.00 €

La Boîte aux Herbes

The Herbs box

ISBN: 2-84567-087-7

Basil, parsley, tarragon and chives are some of the herbs to season and add a tang to ordinary dishes. The booklet in this box tackles the history, culture and conservation of herbs. The 20 information cards analyze each of the herbs and their particularities. The other 20 cards introduce easy to make recipes using each herb.
Author: Caroline Darbonne
Photo by Christophe Valentin
Format: 160x215 mm

Price: 24.00 €

La Boîte à Café

The Coffee box

ISBN: 2-84567-104-0

The booklet in this beautiful box presents the history, the different types and the manufacturing steps of coffee. The amateur will discover and appreciate the world of coffee, while the connoisseurs will be tempted to try different combinations of flavors, and learn about the history of coffee accessories. The 20 information cards describing the specific characteristics of the different coffees are in addition to the 20 recipe cards.
Author: Caroline Darbonne & Sylvie Girard
Photos by Christophe Valentin
Format: 160x215 mm

Price: 24.00 €

La Boîte à Thé

The Tea box

ISBN: 2-84567-017-6

This box presents in a lovely booklet, the different flavors and the health virtues of tea, as well as its history and the "tea roads". In addition to the 20 recipe cards, another 20 information cards describe the various tea time ceremonies and traditions throughout the world.
Author: Gilles Brochard
Photos by Mathieu Prier & Philippe Hurlin
Format : 160x215 mm

Price: 24.00 €

La Boîte à Cigares

The Cigar box

ISBN: 2-84567-065-6

Inspired by cigar cases, this original box presents the history and the techniques of the makings of cigars. There are 32 cards "marques" with information about the different brands of cigars, and 8 cards "alliances", unveiling tips on various combinations of cigars and spirits.
Author: Philippe Hupp
Photos by Fanny Bruno

Format: 160x215 mm

Price: 24.00 €

La Boîte à Biscuits

The Biscuits box

ISBN: 2-84567-081-8

From its birth on the harbors to the today's flourishing industry, the history of the development of the biscuit is rich and interesting and well described in the booklet of this box. There are 20 easy to make recipe cards and 20 thematic cards presenting information about the consumption of biscuits, the different tea-time habits, as well as some references about well-known biscuits.
Author: Sylvie Girard
Photos by Christophe Valentin
Format: 160x215 mm

Price: 24.00 €

Les Grands Vins de Bordeaux

ISBN: 2-84567-097-4



The booklet introduces the Bordeaux wines, the soils, the "terroir"s and the different grape varieties produced in the Bordeaux region. In this box there are 90 information cards, each presenting a great wine of Bordeaux. 
Each card describes the land, the history of the vineyard, the varieties produced and the characteristics of the wines. 
An ideal gift for wine lovers to treasure.

Author: Alain-Xavier Wurst
With the collaboration of Taillevent Cellars
Photos by Frédéric Delbord
Format: 110x260 mm

Price: 25.00 €


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