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The Wine Range

Precious Wood Wine bottle opener

Dipped et polished inox trempιe polie

Stainless steel ferrule
Price: 32.00 €


Decorative Cork
Price: 6.00 €

Bottle stand 


Country wood: Pine, Ash, Chestnut, and Maple

Price: 20.00 €

Semi-precious wood: Cherry, Walnut, Oak, Kevazingo

Price: 26.00 € 





The Perfumery range
Precious Wood Razors

Gillette Mach III heads and stainless steel ring,

delivered in individual boxes (red leather imitation).
Price: 44.00 € in precious wood
Price: 47.00 € in rare wood


Precious Wood Shaving Brushes
Stainless steel A316L (medical),
delivered in individual boxes (red leather imitation)
Price: 50.00 € in precious wood
Price: 55.00 € in rare wood

Perfume atomizer

Precious wood, multiple woods

Price: 26.00 €

Precious Wood Perfume pens

Refill system function,
felt tip pen
Supplied with a pipette for filling

Price: 24.00 € in precious wood

Price: 26.50 € in rare wood





The Office Range

Semi precious wood Lighter

Electronic rechargeable lighter, laminated in wood

Price: 25.00 €


Paper cutter and Ruler stand

Semi-precious wood

Price: 23.00 €

Precious Woods: Snakewood, Purpleheart, Boxwood, Holly, Brazilian Rosewood, Pink wood, Kingwood, Bocote, Ebony, Pockwood/Lignum Vitae (Ironwood), Yew, Wenge, Olive wood...

Rare Woods: Elm, Burl, Yew burl, Amboyna burl, Pink Ivory(according to availability)
For articles in rare woods add 10% to price


Semi-Precious Woods: Walnut, Cherry, Ekop, Kevazingo, Sipo...


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